If you are manitaining a calendar for your villa in another system and that system has an ICAL feed you can automatically import those calendar bookings into vacationmate.

to do this first you will need to get an ical feed link or url from the other system. the feed will look something like "https://www.othersite.co.uk/icalendar/e1ac0406438f4c123b5905fbe21f233c.ics"

make a copy of this URL/link for later.

In VacationMate.

1) log into your account

2) select my properties

3) find the property you want to add the calendar for and select the edit button

4) Select the Calendar tab

5) Below the calendar you will see it says ical feed

where is says "feed name" put in a short name to say where the feed is from i.e. Othersite
where is says "feed url" put inthe link from the other site  i.e. https://www.othersite.co.uk/icalendar/e1ac0406438f4c123b5905fbe21f233c.ics

6) Then hit the save button.

The calendar will update as soon as you hit save and then every 3 hours it will update from the feed automatically. So your availability on Vacation mate will always be accurate to within 3 hours without you having to update anything.

You can have multiple feeds in from different sites if you take bookings on multiple sites.

We  can also feed out if you are putting bookings directly into VM, this is detailed in a separate article.

If you have anyquestions about ical feeds please raise a ticket and we will get back to you.